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May 09, 2020 · Tera-Proxy module for Tera Online. Blocks packets which caused client lag when using consumable Noctenium. tera tera-proxy tera-online. Updated on Oct 14, 2019. TerableCoder / TerableAngler. Code Issues Pull requests. Angler Tokens -> Gold. fish tera fishing tera-proxy tera-online. Updated on Dec 20, 2019. tera-mods / skill-prediction.

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Spring Attack - 4 Second CD; MP Cost: 300; Cast Time: 1.3 sec; Base Damage: 3365. Leap to your foe and strike a hard blow. A lancer's highest DPS skill. Activates faster after debilitate, shield bash, shield counter, and the second hit of shield barrage. Must be chained to cast at a decent speed.

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TERA is the first true action MMORPG, providing all of the depth of an MMO with the intensity and gratification of an action game. Players fully control their characters using …

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Tera is an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer role playing game) from developer Bluehole Studio and publisher En Masse. The game is built on Unreal Engine 3 and, unlike most MMOs, uses a non-targeting ...

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TERA Europe - Free to Play MMO. Disable fishing completly 133 Replies, 5,824 Views, 2 weeks ago

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Apr 15, 2018 · Actualization #1: awakening hit NA, after some testing the best set up is going full crit, this means changing the earrings for crit ones, the video set up i...

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Welcome to TERA. TERA is no point-and-click or tab-targetting MMO.; This is the NA version of the game [tera.enmasse.com], hosted by En Masse Entertainment.This means you're playing on servers in america. The EU version [en.tera.gameforge.com], hosted by Gameforge, is not available on Steam. The EU version is now available on Steam, but this guide was made for the NA version.

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I would think it's better to follow the min-max lancer guide by Dan on Essential Mana as others have mentioned. I truly think seeing one of his videos would be an honor. When I learned lancer since 2014-15, I was not able to learn from other lancers but myself through experience, guides and videos of other lancers in Tera/Ktera.

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Enhancement Points (EP points) are system for improving your existing skills. This system was released in NA and EU in November 2018, however it has existed for a long time in KTERA. It was known as Talent Points or Talents or Talyphs before official translation. Lack of EP points in NA and EU caused class imbalances compared to Korean game. Some late game dungeons, like Red Refuge originally ...

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The only two chain skills I ever use on lancer are retaliate, and master leash because it can't be used without leash, and I don't have enough keybinds for all skills. I've removed all chain skills that are possible to remove though some still show up as chain skills after removing all of them. I …

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Dec 08, 2019 · Essential Mana has two guides on Warrior. The first is the Warrior PVE Guide. The second EM guide is the Warrior Tank Guide. There's a bunch of noise when you search in general for TERA Warrior Guide as well and none of them stood out to list here. The two EM guides are Pre-Apex and outdated at this point so they are more for historical reference.

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TERA Store for PC. Elite Status for PC. All PC PS4 XBOX ONE. This Week in TERA Console: February 3–9. TERA’s Fists of Justice Now Available! Welcome to Jackpot Week! It’s Strongbox Jackpot Week in TERA! Posted on Feb 04, 2020 by cobaltdragon. Unlock strongboxes for jackpots from February 4–11. This Week in TERA Console: February 3–9.

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U4gm's PVE Archer Guide. Tera Date: Jul/13/18 05:00:13 Views: 5746. Archer is a high damage ranged class that is simple to learn. It both charges skills for big damage, and uses small fast skills. Archer is considered a consistent damage dealer, unlike sorcerer who is a burst damage dealer.

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A server within a server. Contribute to codeagon/Astral-TERA development by creating an account on GitHub.

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The 16 crit factor innerwear is by far the most useful for holding aggro on a lancer, followed by the 8 power which could be more useful with a mystic if you've built enough crit factor or PvP. The mana regen innerwear can be nice to use to save some gold on mana elixirs, restoratives, and divine infusions if you're not up against too high DPS.

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I'm interested in starting to learn lancer PvP. I understand the basics of mass PvP and what I should be doing (just from watching what other lancers do). I've had a look for guides online for Lancer PvP and so far can't find anything. What I need help with though is gear (what I should go with for accessories, damage rolls, etc.), and basic ...

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Dec 10, 2019 · The written guide is from Saabi and used to be linked on the discord. But it looks like all the info is now written out in the channels and the guide link is gone. Here's the drive document, Saabi's Awakening 1.0 Slayer Guide (and a local pdf in case the online one isn't available ,saved September 9, 2018).

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If you want a full Lancer guide to show you the perfect builds and how to completely max out your character in every way, I highly recommend the Argon's Guide. The Lancer in Tera Online offers a wide variety of skills that you will be able to unlock as you progress throughout the game, but you are only able to use a handful of them at one time.

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Dec 26, 2017 · In Today's Video We talk about Lancer Class in Tera. We will cover the basic of the class and the basic skills of Lancer. This video is good for the preparation of Tera Console and as a refresher ...

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June 19, 2018 I want to share with you on making a crafting guide, so that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna be tackling the basics of crafting, this is probably gonna be a part one in a two-part series.